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Today my son came home, and he told me about his day at school. I asked Eddie, what did you learn at school today? Eddie told me he learned about his spelling words, spelling test was today which happens every Tuesday with Ms. Neil. Eddie ate Nacho Cheese for lunch. Eddie played outside for recess. Nobody wanted to play with Eddie today. Eddie asked the other first graders to play, and they did not want to play with him. One of the classmates did play along with Eddie. They played the game hide and seek, Eddie's classmate was IT. Eddie had fun at enrichment. Ms. Thomas Eddie first grade teacher gave Eddie a green today for listening and following instructions. Eddie had a good day at school and that's it. Eddie did the topic and supporting sentences for today's blog. I am so excited to see my son's report card. Although I missed the conference Eddie is a bus rider. I am happy to announce that Eddies grades improved by two letter grades. Now Eddie has to work on his writing skills. Eddie have to develop doing things on his own without me doing it for him. Now Eddie is practicing his reading and writing skills more. I want Eddie to grow and thrieve to his full potential. Eddie attends Alice M Harte. He's going to attend this school until he graduates. From Pre-K - 12th grade. That's only if I do not relocate for work purposes only. Eddie has not shown any withdrawal symptoms from the new medication. Eddie's ADHD is very server. He is told over and over to follow directions. This causes Eddie to feel a bit overwhelmed. Other children do hit or annoy him and he's seeming to be the only one getting the short end of the stick. Eddie is a good student and son he must learn to use his boy ears. Eddie goes to speech therapy for articulation. Eddie also has an IEP score and source that works with him for standardize testing. This is very important that Eddie can comprehend and communicate accurately. Now Eddie is practicing reading a book. My parenting may seem stern in today's society, reading is the fundamentals to success. How can you sign a contract if you cannot read. My daughter is graduating from the eighth grade. She is learning how to drive now. Dimi marched in her first parade this school year. I am very proud of Dimi in excelling in school. Dimi feels that my business is not going in a good direction. Dimi often asks me why am I not going back to work in the hospital? That twelve-hour shift is something that I can no longer do. I have applied to several other projects for my company. "IDK" what a great topic. When the topic and the Author actually match. Thank you son for picking this topic for my blog today I love you MOM

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