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America- The land of the free and the home of the brave established in year 1814 . This sentence is used in the national anthem and other American colloquialisms. Everyone who travel to America says we are number one. America is rich and that we have education, money, and freedom . America discovered by immigrants to have it's named changed into North America.

The United States of America where everyone only speaks English, now homes more immigrants who speak their native language, giving North America a diverse culture. What about the inhabitants who were brought here through slave ships ? Well of course the first set of Uk England and Africans are now dead.

We are the living products of them. It's funny how America has allowed it's citizens to go on and on about racism and no one is yet to be called insane or crazy for still being stuck on the past that is dead for over 600 years. Why is a mentality of hurt, oppression, and anger still being taught to children? Why is Black History only acknowledging murders? Is this the America that fought for freedom of speech, press, and human equality?

"Rules are not ment to be broken, for they keep you safe. History is changed by laws being broken, the judge seen fit to correct them for equality of all mankind." - Symone Smith


As time change so should History. The only book that has not grown into it's full potential of expanding excellence. Men , Women, and children have all experienced laboring. The child labor law helped children finish school and stopped parents from making them work.

Men now get paid equally, and Women are now accepted in the workforce world. Has America really said the same 15.75$ is now minimum wage. So many Americans are still improvished bills are still behind what is holding America and Americans back from accomplishing employment goals?

What is it that Americans require? What is it that Americans are fighting for daily? What is it that Americans are trying to achieve? As an American I ask my self the same questions daily.

Americans seem to have it all. What is the biggest mistake that Americans continually make? Americans over spend. Americans want to keep up with fashionable trends especially teenagers. Adults classifying themselves based off entertainment and money.

Which as an adult woman I find harlious. You as an individual label your self based off what a stranger is labeling them selfs only to find out it's actually not their true title. This shows who's reality is distorted.

Americans who visit other countries quickly learn that race is not a color. The distinction of the South's White, and Black or Spanish and Black. Americans who identify or pass for a different ethnicities experience culture shock when visiting different countries. Other countries see Americans as one not classifying them Black , Spanish, or White. When will America's Creed become visible to billions?

Americans, hold a title of no rules. That's why the slang term "Americanized " exists. What a stain on America to have escaped the Queen the Queen of England to only find out she was actually Correct. America holds homes to all immigrants.

The land of the free and the home of the brave.

This sentence is by far a outcry that people who escaped for freedom have shown all nationalities why reading and knowing both sides of history is important. Let no one ever judge for we do not know what that person or persons has or have endured. Remain resilient in excelling for success is in many forms. Reading unlocks all doors and keep some closed. Never feel ashamed of your start it's how you finish. Life is a cycle in America it's a choice to work hard and build or to let it all pass you by, and you dream of reality. "This land is your land , this land is my land, from California to the New York Island. This land was made for you and me ."

Good Night everyone.

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