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Asking for help

Asking for help

It will seem hard at first asking for help. I was going through so much. As a single parent who went through a horrific child hood help seemed to be never realistic. My teenage years will scare you, and make you run. I do not have good memories of my youth. I am the most private person you will ever meet. Lately I have been public. This for me is worst than death it self. I didn't want to repeat what happened to me to my own newly teenage daughter. I reached out and asked for help. I was called everything but what I truly am a mother who want to have successful teenager years with my own daughter. Me thinking that Mrs.Carter shared the same views since we both have teenagers I communicated freely. Man it seem normal to me. So it should a woman with a job talking about teenage girls at my house it was a battle of the smack down. I noticed my hand was to frequent I self checked myself. As a mother who noticed something was wrong im proud of myself anyways as the conversation continued . Jobs and adulting continued. I took my personal life and desided to just say it all. My teenage years were rough hard and physically unbearable. Why, Artist follow people home when they don't receive the attention that they want, when comparing themselves to someone who's not even paying them attention causing a parent to become angry with their own child and physically show who is in control who have the most power who holds the yes and no in reality. Many people think it's not happening to me so why worry to the ones who have this happen it's a major worry. Not passing a pain and distress to your own family because of someone else flaw to be satisfied within themselves is very true. As I continued to speak with Mrs. Carter on teenagers and saying my own story vs my current parenting she agreed that I was correct that artist shouldn't do it yet they do. I simply kept moving forward. I changed my daughter friends, I changed my living environment, and I changed my own bad habits to make hers better. I enrolled back in school and my children in extra activities that's productive. I learned a new style of business for myself having my own company recognized by the state and awarded for B2B with my first communicator award and my first professional website award and my first award in black history my first award in professional services my first award in fragrances of new development and my podcast was awarded magnificent creative marketing podcast my first entrepreneur award for being self funded all these things I never had before that I have now. My first television network Magnificent Tv

I have to continue creating content I have to continue to make payments. How when I am experiencing something I am unaware of ?! Now I going through what I fear as a parent. Have I stopped No. I love my children no matter what anybody think of me. I love my children no matter how jealous the next is of my struggling life. As I continue to grow in my business I still look for job opportunities so far none have came my way. I hate the word fan. When I expressed that my daughter was a fan, I the parent was irritated by the artist. Now I hate the word or thought of a fan. I told my daughter I am sorry for degrading you in calling you such a terrible word. As a single parent who's not in a relationship I have no one to explain my self to! As a single parent I am happy within myself to bad the artist isnt! What a waste of a job! Insecure and jealous people should never be Allowed to work as radio personnel. Once a person compromise their job they should be fired immediatlely ! The person who is struggling should be paid, they are battling to maintain in reality not a job realistically they hurting! Mrs. Carter returned to her motherly duties and job. As for me I am holding on to fix where I was broken involuntarlity. Pushing forward to keep making content and reassuring my children and self that one day we will be ok. Asking for help can actually work sometimes you have to be careful in who you ask. Asking for help is brave never forget that . I was told that by Donna I'm so happy to have met her.

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