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B2C Plus B2B Marketing

B2C - means Business to Customer

B2B- means Business to Business

When doing Business to Customer Marketing you are showing the customer appreciation in coming to you about a faulty product. As the owner of the company correcting the problem in a faulty product always highlight your customer/ other business owner, who brought the defective product to your attention. This is to be appreciated in showing customer loyalty and keeping a lifelong customer with referrals by positive word of mouth from multiple companies in network expansion.

B2B Marketing is expensive establishing a product from scratch, sketch, product styling, and modeling takes up 45% of the starter company's time. The next step is the design team The final step is mass production. B2B gives millions, billions, and trillions in come and profit when done correctly. This network tool expands business trade lines, ideas, and profits. Being well educated in terminology is critical for comprehension of the concept. B2B

Brand Marketing/ B2C, for product enhancement is a service. All contracts should be signed before making products to prevent disagreements of establishment on my company page. Anew section has been added to my company site for all B2B/B2C services.

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