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Bet Awards

LHello everyone I am excited to say that I am nominated to be apart of the BET awards show for June 24, 2023. This will be exciting even more so for my children. They will have the opportunity to see their mom on stage. As my daughter continue to grow into a beautiful young lady I am going to make sure she have someone to admire and look up to. I write my own lyrics which make this performance even more exciting for myself. I am expressing my own thoughts, feelings, and emotions of my perception of life. God took his time when he made me I wrote this song in 2017. After all these years I am going to perform my lyrics for my children to enjoy on the radio along with everyone else. As I continue to go to the studio and record my lyrics I will use a screenshot for my album cover. My first music video will be available on YouTube by May 2023. This job change happened once I lost my job for COVID-19. I promised my self that I will never lose my job again . Being self funded is very exciting only working for myself pushes me to the next level of success." I must believe in myself before I believe in anything else." -Symone Smith look forward in seeing everyone for the award ceremony.

Click on the link above and vote for me My stage name is Monstrosity Thank you

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