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Now in 2023 I have the complete understanding of boundaries. As a middle-aged woman I never thought more of the sentence, " Seledon visits make better friends." Now as for anyone else I don't know what to say. As for me I love that little sentence right there! Lately I haven't heard enough visits from that one little line. I'm having a straight break down over here All I hear is blah and oooh and I read her cell phone heeheheeeheeetteeemahwwaaawwz, uck, I'm all in her telephone reading! Hold on it 's me I Can Read! Peace of mind is something that money can NOT buy. Going through the fact that some random chick read my cell phone all I can do is laugh! I mean this is soooo outrageously un classy and big messy. I'm just at the point to snap! That's not any good I have Children to live for so no miss thang I'm too busy for drama! I am so single and can mingle! So, I'm the gram running with Plies," I got the motion" buzzing and stuff!!!!! Now everyone mad again, it's going down now they are lurking on his IG now all in his mouth like they his veneers Dam Pearlie, they had something to say yesterday then huh! I got drip for sale on them though! Real sauce so y'all know I'm in the building on the 21st backstage. So don't let someone else jealously knock of the focus. Yall this my first concert since the pandemic. I'm excited yawl! No more club living room! The world is open and running who better to run off with the plug huh lol. Never allow someone else's jealousy to ruin something that is SPECIAL TO YOU!

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