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When allowing your children to accept things from strangers do you check it first? Before you leave the house in the morning do you ever tell your children the importance of knowing who to approach, and who not to approach? As a parent this is a big topic in my home because my children are of age in wanting to hold conversations. Parents in today's society always stress the importance to your children in speaking to strangers without you being present.

I have spoken to my children in knowing that you must first ask me if you can go somewhere without me being present. This could turn out into a missing persons scene quickly. So many teenagers have made the news this year in coming up missing or just wanting to run away from home. Parents make sure that you are telling your children that you love them and stay away from strangers; never accept any candy without your parents checking the candy. Parents it's your job to always watch your child's behavior changes when certain individuals come around.

Never only limit strangers sometimes it can come from your family because you trust them more. Allowing anyone to give your children something should always get a parental scan and knowing when to say no is vitally important. As the season approaches You can pre order my new book Creepy Crawlers this is a true spooky story that will scare your children into always asking before they do anything. Never lie to your children about anything there is always someone in the world waiting the opportunity to expose them before they speak to you.

Keep your mind open when raising children and forget your past as a kid. As you raise your children do things that you never done as a child; give your children a different outlook on life. The keys to success for your family is simple just apply them to your own life. Keep the line of communication open with your children so that they will always tell you everything.

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