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Communication, conversation stoppers, disconnection, redirecting,


This is a word that is commonly used and not understood. Teenagers, and Adults have the biggest communication misdirection, mishaps, and short moments. As time goes many think that the level of communication will improve. Seeing that when communicating with a person who see one side and not the other it's pointless. I learned to walk away; stay focused on my goals. Continue to communicate only with like mind people who value my time.


Accepting communication should end? Once a person or persons lose respect for the other person just leave. Never stay anywhere you are not wanted. Never reach out to a person who will let you fall. Never look backwards only forwards.


Be sure of yourself when communicating with others. Have a clear perception of what's important to the person who you are communicating with. What is the topic on? Not allowing room for a wondering mind. You want the person who you are talking to stay focused. Positive communication is the goal. Seeking negative attention is a sign of wanting to communicate adjust yourself.

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