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a emotional time in everyone's life. In this year I noticed already that many individuals will come and go like a season yet i will never allow my self to feel that i have to hide or hold back my own true emotions for the next to sleep well at night for me to stay up and tooss and turn in this time of day or lifetime of the figment of the imgaination in meaning to understand what is to not be known to no one other than myself in this situationship of life in general many hide such a feeling that its non reconiziable at the time of causing in many different typeologies so many often wonder and ask me how in this day and age am i still able to maintain and keep going in the direction that i am foucsed on when fear and depression isi on the rise for my life ? My true birthday is in a few days and nothing about it seems welcoiming or happy for myself i go and come as i choose. Answering to nobody! I never cared before why start now I never gave my heart to away so i will keep it that way unbroken and unfound! Depression so many words come to mind.
















In all the words you never see feel or feelings how funny is that in the state of mind your currently in so many thoughts so much to think on at the time of the urge to just say! @*#&# it. one thought never cross minds after the fact your gone who will miss you? For me its my children. I had so much once in life to now have so little to give my own children. to start over is one thing to rebuild and unlearn is a different type of pain and suffering in the world of smiles and stabs MY pride is my killer my ego my boost My temper my wings and brain my creativiez thats my life good day

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