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Understanding the word and definition of EXPECTATIONS is important when exchanging sentences for anything involving two people. Make clear what is expected of both parties. Having mental and physical expectations are cement vs gravel. Mental expectations are 20% subconscious. Physical expectations are 80% what's in front of your eyes satisfying human desires. This is what you expect to read. In 2023 physical has now dwindle only giving you 25% , mental is now 75% . Shocking after the pandemic physical touch has lacked in expectations. Going to the internet has created relationships through mental telecommuting and leading many to think of new ways to expect less from a partner. Upon introducing yourself do not overwhelm anyone; you do not plan on being with. Why? Now another man or woman is going to deal with a broken individual, and they did not even cause this pain or mental anguish. Expecting a woman or man to be simple as molded clay in the hands of a sculptuor, is inevitably asking to much. An adult have to want first, before even gaining a thought of expectations. For example, saying something out of the ordinary will not cause a person to pay attention or notice you . Mentally you have set up a expectation for a negative response, if one is ever returned. Positivity has now exited. " Expectations "you have placed on an adult individual will bring you to a cold reality.

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