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Family Time

Family Time

Today is Thanksgiving, hopefully you have something to be thankful for. As a mother I am most thankful for giving myself the opportunity to grow with my children. This may sound silly as a parent I had to learn to change for my children. Many people did not support my decision in doing everything with my children in supporting their dreams and drives. I am the parent! I gave my children the front row seat and I took the back giving them the chance of a lifetime accelerate. Many parents fear their children passing them up in the world. As their mother I am pushing my children to pass me up in all levels of life.

My daughter has several awards, metals, television appearances. My son is doing well in reading and writing. He is also known for being smart and getting ready for basketball soon. I am surprised he like football, he didn't want to play this year. I enjoyed watching my children on Magnificent TV and Fox 8 News. When all odds faced me as a parent; I still stood tall in not quitting I love my children. Teenage years are now upon me with my daughter, asking for help has been more of a challenge than raising a teenager. I will never be ashamed of myself for not knowing or wanting to be a better parent. I have a new job, home, and car well it's coming soon. I learned how to make positive money for myself. I learned that no matter what my children say I am the parent in making the final decisions. I am a single parent I am thankful for everything each situation has made me understand balance in my life. Yelling at a teenager is not solving the problems. Spanking a boy until he cries does not teach him a lesson. As the Head of my household, I am obligated to maintain a peaceful environment. Children deserve a home that flourishes with creativity, quirks, spills, laughter, reading, and time to sit. I am thankful for these things.

Don't forget to tell me what you are thankful for.

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