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Focusing can sometimes seem impossible! It’s ok all you have to so is keep trying. RRRAHHH I HATE HEARING THIS!!!! People do not realize how hard it is to just to focus. I’m sitting here in my room writing this and yet my mind is going dinosaur on me. Extensively gone pow, no more brain. 🤣🤣🤣 As an adult I noticed unless I’m interested in the topic or subject my focus and attention is never there. What’s up with the grammar right who still use periods.? That’s like saying why Read this? 🥴 CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW???? Ummmm🤔 how about now I just whisperEd. Enjoy 😉 Focus on NOT focusing $&@@ makes no sense. Good 😊 have you experienced a fun read? Start serious and then it’s a bunch of mixed sentences and fragments? that helped regain your focus ? Redirection often assist us as adults. How’s work? For me my job has given me a few new grey hairs. I cried at first and got over it . I am an Author I write children and adult books plus my brand which can be a lot to manage. I have kids no husband 😱 guess my focus was really off right 🤦🏽‍♀️ It’s ok single Now for 4 years and it’s ok people always in my personal life watching what I do and say it’s gross 🤮 I guess their life sucks! Focusing back on how to concentrate. Have a clear room. play classical music. Breathe in and out counting to 10. Tell yourself I will accomplish this. Time yourself for accuracy. Finally ask yourself do I have add/adhd???

if you do work with your short attention span with fun meaning your concentration will go from traditional to extreme. Allow your self a break take notes. Use highlighters stickers doodle. Remember there’s no 1 way to CONCENTRATE.

p.s. you read this until the end

“Make Reading Exciting Again” -Symone Smith

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