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SO, MY DAUGHTER GOT IN TROUBLE FOR TOUCHING MY DAM WALLET AS USUAL!!! WHY IS IT THAT WE WENT TO GET BREAKFAST AT MC DONALDS AND WE GRAB OUT MC DONALDS BAG FROM CARDIB AND OFFSET DIMI LOOKED ME IN MY FACE AND SAID MOM I"M NOT DOING NOTHING AND NOW 250 dollars came out my account it's like my daughter think I'm a zillionaire are something! Teenagers don't understand money at all!!!! So, Dimi said, " mama you and Cardi B on good terms now?" I said yes, I'm not teasing her over her Facebook reels/ post. Offset said symone I got my cage bird and I left it at that. We only talking about nails, hair styles, and lady like things. As my own woman I know when I get mad, I stay mad for a long time I don't want to be responsible for someone else's issues besides I'm really busy now days. I don't have time to tease anyone, Its crunch time for me at my house. Whoever the side piece mystery is.... she must have read my cell phone last night in saying oh, "I thought lil Wayne/ Dwayne Michael Carter JR 09/27/1982 I should upload his social security number too! was just using Symone for a hustle and a come up I didn't think that he really cared about her to give her an actual job with his real company!" This whore must be his side piece or another man's side piece! Last I checked I am single and have been single for 5 years now! My daughter told me mom it's been years since you have recieved a Valentines Day gift! That made me cry, I realized how long it's been since someone been kind to me for simply being myself and not my title! I went live with Juvinelle and all of these sluts mad over it! Didn't lil wayne say he not married to me ! Did i bash him nope , I popped off inside of my own home!!!! what did they do again? Now Juvinelle mad at me looking at me like I did him something when it wasn't me ! I would never disrespect myself! So to the hoe who don't know her physical address when I see you i'ma punch you in the mouth!!!! everybody out here in New ORleans Louisiana looking like what the f going on!!! The whole time you reading my text messages because you're unhappy!


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