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Intrusive Thoughts

believing what someone else is saying! "Rumors" "Gossip" "Fake News"

Obviously! these grown men and women just don't get the bigger pictures of what a woman/parent stand for!

Intrusive Thoughts

This is causing me to move slower than my normal routine. I hate when I set a self-goal and inference comes from an outsider! This is what will annoy me on a whole different level. When I focused on handling my business, I hate for anyone to bother me. Paying my bills before anything is done is my main goal. I turn into a different everything when my bills get backed up. My daughter is now looking at me like I am not all that. My son is complaining in saying we are sleeping on the floor. All for other people children! All for adults who cannot control their own mind! I have lost all respect for these individuals, and I am no longer interested in them. I have chosen to pay attention to something else that they cannot copy or annoy me with. These people are not spiritual at all they are followers on what they perceive is gaining more attention than them! I asked one man are you in Mental Chains of someone else? After watching for these 6 years, he is not able to protect me. I believe that no man in this area would be able to; had it been true that someone could protect me and my family in the time span of these 6 years he would have appeared. I do not ever want to meet certain Artist after this experience! I already made my mind up in 2019; I am not changing my mind at all! I am never going to give my undivided attention to a man who is not able to make sure I am ok with paying my bills on time. I hate disrespectful children especially adult children who are 20+ in their years of age. I do not tolerate any type of disrespect! My children do not need that bad example in the home where I live. I am currently having a teenager who is not home with me at this time I fell behind in my parenting. Other people have been buying my children clothes and shoes my children are not happy with me right now. They are wondering what is wrong with my mother? Why is my mother fussing so much? Why is my mother talking about what happened so much? Why is my mother body making different sounds? My doctor asked me are you in pain? The illuminati failed me. American Illuminati failed their true mission and purpose!

  • They did not keep humanity safe!

  • They did not keep the order correctly!

  • They did not RESPECT MY HUMAN FORM!





Intrusive Thoughts

These people are using love spells to capture another who they are not in physical love with! I am turning 35 years old soon and they have annoyed my whole birthday month. I am going to sue every camera man who takes these people photo and use me in their pictures and their agencies don't pay me. I have now turned in my cease and diss letter for the young money record label, along with all the other labels. I hate for a person to think they are internally close to me. The illuminati have given my content to people who they already made famous! I am so tired of them lying saying I am testing her! These people don't want me to be famous yet I am already famous and I am going to break away from them feeling they can share what's mine. I don't want to associate with them they are not on my level. They are keeping up with me only for one reason GRAND MASTERS HAVE FAILED TO SERVE THEIR PURPOSE. I AM NOT ANYONES SWEET HEART AND EXPERIENCING THIS! I HATE THESE PEOPLE NOTHING WILL CHANGE MY MIND. THEY ALL SHOULD BECOME HUMAN SACRFICES FOR EXPOSING ME ALL OF THEM THEY DO NOT LISTEN!

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