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"Jealousy have no face."

All my life I have experienced jealousy. This behavior is genderless! As I changed my income, my job description changed I noticed so did the people around me. Not knowing that I was the problem for asking to better myself.

I sat back and noted everyone, the listener, the seer, the doer, the blocker and the receiver. I am always early; with everything I do. To real hardcore businesswomen this great for men this is impressive (she's on the ball good job, someone who wants to actually work on her career and not slide through.)

Too bad this is where most women get jealous, and men get even more jealous. Let's encourage her with one sentence good job keep going. How did that make me feel? Seeing that i hasn't happened yet I am just going to keep on going forward. Never allow yourself to have a jealous moment at all. As woman or as a man never give into the desire of being a green-eyed monster!

How to stop yourself from becoming jealous.

1. Ask yourself what am I doing here?

2. Why am I comparing myself?

3. What am I missing in my own life?

4. Am I seeking attention for showmanship?

Asking you self these questions are important. As you grow in your life you are going to meet many people in your life. Not being able to grasp everyone attention is not hazardous to your own life.

Some people will only want your attention to use it and abuse it. Never fall in the category in looking at one's person hard work and wishing that they took a seat. Instead ask yourself why you are not working on your own goals in life.

When you want a person's attention always to look for positive attention as an adult this is healthy. Individuals will give you negative attention no matter the circumstance meaning people will say things to push your own buttons. Don't allow your human flaws of self to become contaminated with an emotion that is on borrowed energy.

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