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Kia Boys 2023

In New Orleans, Louisiana the KIA BOYS then stole my car!!!!!! OMG it happened the night after easter. I was so so upset I couldn't believe that my car was stolen I was so devastated. I logged on to ig and omg to my surprise the live feed reveiled who had stolen my car! They said MEGAN THE STALLION STOLE MY CAR! I was done when they said that. Later on that day my car was recovered by NOPD. I am so glad to have my car back. Now I am still without a vehicle, but I have my pedal bike. I have rode my bike for the past couple of days I rode my bike with my heels looking beautifully gorgeous yess. I am looking for a new everything and I am going to enjoy a fresh start! I am so happy that my car was turned in. I have to spend about 1,600 -2,000 dollars max to get my car runing again! At least my car was found with the wheels and everything still ok other than the steering wheel and the back window. As for me yall just going see me riding my bike. Which is great for me these cars in New Orleans have been rude to me I only ride in the bike lane! They were blowing at me and yelling at me to ride in the bike lane! The police was behind me and he said from the loudspeaker pull to the side and then he got out the car. I pulled to the side, and he said," ride in the bike lane." I pointed down saying I am in the bike lane why are they mad at me? The officer said, "I know the cars are being selfish, and the other drivers are not allowing them to get over just, ride to the far left even if it's for the park cars." I am just coming to the conclusion that I have to be the bigger person. Being the bigger person sometimes get to me. As I continue on my daily living in this world I just try my best to remain focused. Good Night every one

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