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This man has gotten on my last dam nerves! I have been annoyed with this man since 1996! I held a grudge and did not talk to him for 5 years. Why my dumb ass told him something again in 2019! I should have kept ignoring his ass like I was doing! All he was doing was making music about my relationship problems that I was having and nobody else knew about it other than myself! He real life happy when I'm stressed out! It's like it make his day are something the fact that he's making money off my personal life! He make everyone leave me alone and literally alone, he ruined my sex life! He have his music videos blasting everything I say and do! The person who would give me a ride to the store when I was making my door reefs stop driving me around after his music video! Then he keep airing me out in my bedroom! Now he reading everything I do like he my automatic proofreader. He called me a side piece and said to his fan base it was a joke! Now he's telling me I DID NOT MEAN IT LIKE THAT! the whole time he mean it like that! This man is really going to far and he took a photo shoot with his shoe strings untied I'm not saying a dam thing because it's his money! He want to waste his money oh well! He told everyone why I was crying inside! Then he put another woman as he married to her when she know she did not say that! I can not believe this varmint This makes me never want to be a kind person! Lil Wayne just keep on bugging me and don't know when to stop! He heard me saying I want to live in the mountains and now he's getting his house in the mountains it's really sad! I used to live in the mountains long time ago when I lost my stuff I moved back to the city where I am originally from. Lil Wayne is acting just like his stage name lil ! Will his fan base entertain his lil minded existence! I entered my own award category I paid for them my self! I'm so sick of him with his bling bling two diamond theory. Checking the dj booth sure not my house! Seems to me everything I'm doing popping off and everybody everybody watching and responding. My music still going to be heard so I don't knw or care about what a hater doing envy on hater I will never stop what I'm doing for a wanna be who still number two! No matter who have more money a bigger house the fact that you're doing it after me still exist! When someone try to downsize you in your personal space I DO NOT CARE HOW YOU GOT HERE I'MA MAKE YOU WISH YOU WOULD HAVE NEVER CAME HERE! WHEN YOU SPEND MONEY TO LOOK BETTER THAN ME ANfD YOU STILL LOOKING OFF HAHAHA I don't have to move no one other than myself! Read that ! oh forgot you already reading and read it how free are you! so free that you emboded yourself in another yuckie you trapped yourself and now you mad hahahahahaha! Watching me and you wake up pissed off I'm so glad not to be you.

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