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Lysol and Tissue Paper


Ok so it's 2023! Three years later and this is looking like a repeat of a year 2020!!! Now I am already inside right! My daughter hates this mom please let me go somewhere please! Well, I did try to let her go somewhere and now look at this! I spent over 400+ dollars on my daughter for her to march in the parade this year and New Orleans Louisiana is under attack for Covid-19 again! Ugh,! So now I am looking like what in the world am I going to do with this situation here? My car is currently getting repainted, and I am so going to the DMV to turn in some paperwork to finally complete a car process. My daughter is going to be upset with me if I don't let her marceh but ole welp! lol I am not catching Covid-19! Eggs went up and Covid-19 blew through. Lysol and Tissue Paper is back on priority.

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