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For a woman I never thought I would say this. I'm over done with humans! Have you ever been so annoyed with a person who mentally and physically over step their boundaries. I never seen people happy to see me get hit by a person who I never even hit. For another human to be able to physically touch another human without being visible to the next. This is domestic violence that's happening to me. To have an artist upset and now my customer personal space was violated. I'm never selling tlc products again this is humiliation. The company can not protect it's employees from these or this individual. I told coach stormy and still nothing has happened for my safety. I told the owner of the companies and designers . I went further in telling Mr. Morgan myself. He replied get that thought out of my head. Someone is still bothering me because I am being great with my own life. Thank you to the Artists who are not disrespecting me mentally and physically. Emotionally I'm unavailable. The more this person pressure me the angerier it makes me. Revenge overrated I'm past that. Fussing time consuming. I'm just going to keep doing what I been doing minding my own business and excelling in my own career path. As a single woman and mother I never felt so misplaced. I work so hard , I'm behind right now in everything. The city of New Orleans Louisiana seem unsupportive with fashion no plus size woman come up to be in the cat walk. No plus size designers came to show their clothing line. No boutiques fussing over who's going to walk down the cat walk first. No camera man passing his business card and constantly calling. No promoter passing out tickets for the event no flyers being printed. Just a Bunch of eyes , ears and mouths like ghetto mentally people do . No sashaess no manufacturers creating just nothing. No diversity! Everyone want to be paid suing the next person they all expect me to be free. I am not free! I am expensive! These individuals don't like it stop giving me your ATTENTION!

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