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Updated: Jan 14, 2023


You see yourself in the mirror you first say everything want to see, or everything you want to change? As a woman I stand in front of my mirror, I see self-improvement, always great to have. Body goals turn into self-satisfaction. Hardwork and determination pay off. As 2023 takes off I allow myself the most vulnerable self-reflection. Self-reflection can cause unwanted doubt it's ok to be able to identify your strengths, and weaknesses is important. Being to hard is not ok. Being too soft is not ok. Finding balance is the hydration of self. As a woman who battles the world alone, hard and soft is similar to hot and cold water. Emotions and Feelings are not the same thing. Feelings hurt and Emotions change, seasonal is what I call them. Internally blocking stability mean outside life is fast. When should you take a break? After my Nicotine withdrawal I noticed a change in myself, I hate being irritated. My body composition change. Self-improvement I quit smoking. When decomposing many thinks of trash. What you eat, what you think, who you are around, or your lover will have a decomposing effect on you. When I see myself break down, I noticed it's when I'm frustrated. Unraveling. Outside looking in always see it first. How to mirror yourself for the inside? To admit I made a mistake, I made a bad decision. This kills me, not following my better judgement. Reflection of Mirroring self-improvement is draining and refreshing. It hurts to break a pattern and it is refreshing once old traits are unlearned.

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