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Today is NATIONAL NOT OK DAY. What does that mean? This means that it's ok for you to tell everyone when you are not ok. Please LIVE for tomorrow and the next day. Your family, and friends who truly care for you need you here with them. Sharing your bad day may cause others to share their bad day. Let go of the things hurting you inside, holding on to them hurt worst! It took me 33 years to learn holding a grudge will not stop a person from talking about you or to you. Ignoring your own feelings just keep them closer because they see your weakness. It's ok to vent, scream, shout, and cry. Crying is not a weakness, I cry too my eyes flow in tears and I ball up in a fetus position and I cry in my closet where nobody can see me I close the door where it's dark and no one knows. IT'S OK TO NOT BE OK. DON'T GIVE UP DO NOT DIE JUST YET YOUR LIFE HAVE A PURPOSE. IT'S OK TO NOT BE OK SCREAM IT I AM NOT OK!!!!!!!!!

SYMONE SMITH -sometimes I am not ok too. please call 911 or the suicide hotline

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