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New Book Alert

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

New Book Alert

Hello everyone as the year closes out. I will have 2 new books available for the 2024 year.

Grinchcember is about listening to your parents. This is important to always follow directions. Being good in school or at home should happen year-round. Appreciate your parents hard earn money! They work so hard to give you nice things! Always love them even if they cannot buy you nice things too. Being a loving child is just as important as a loving parent. Yes, Coal can be passed out to parents. As you are shopping for the annual holidays always remember that children should be children; rules are important! As for my second book Magnificent Slimmings, this is going to help so many women in working out and looking great. I am getting ready for surgery, and I am excited about the procedure. I am having my first ever Lipo 360 and my back fat is finally leaving! I have quit smoking cigarettes, and I will never smoke again. As for the now I am doing modified workouts. This has caused me to lose weight real slow. I work out every day for 15 minutes. I walk everywhere as well. To help me in losing weight as well. Being 215 pounds still make me sad, my goal weight is 165. I am going to look like myself again. This blog is just me re capping my own self goals. Never not recap your self goals have a great day.

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