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What does self-identification mean to you as an adult? For myself it means to always connect with self. Lately I have noticed that more children are not understanding what this mean any more. Adults are now taking away the most important thing and that's children being children. We as adults might have experienced childhood either roughly or easy this is ok. We grew up into successful adults who never have to look back into the past of life right? Wrong!!!!! How do we self-identify as an Adult if we were hurt or experienced trauma? THIS group of adults are now searching for acceptance. This is spilling over into society as role reversal how? Children are losing their way before finding themselves. The most important ages in life are from Newborn - Five years. Children are now observing adult men and women fight over civil rights involving a RAINBOW! How sad is this for a 6-year-old boy and girl in today's world. Men and Women who are free to marry are not satisfied with the next woman or man personal decision in saying I do not want to be a part of your lifestyle choice because it's not my preference. How far have adults gone now? From having same sex marriage, television shows, movies, mass media productions, homes, cars, children, having a range me account that says no heterosexual products allowed, and wanting to be on another woman website who have every right to say no because she is the owner of it this how far ADULTS have gone for equality where is the unfair treatment really falling on? Seems to me this is all for personal gain in saying If you can do it so can I!!!!!!! Why as ADULTS do homosexuals stand with the RAINBOW? Why pick something of all colors? Why pick something that does not identify with homosexuality. What about a RAINBOW make you think homosexual? Children in today world have a voice that can not even be heard yet because adults are throwing tempertantrums and yet we find this ok? My son seen a Rainbow and said my favorite color is BLUE. He named all the colors in the Rainbow. A man saw me today and said my shoes were special and original. Yet he only SELF-IDENTIFIED with my shoes. As an ADULT I find this said for children and Married couples to fight each other over a RAINBOW. Little girls losing their baby bangs, boys losing their creativity in this cold harsh world. WAIT, I thought a RAINBOW WAS COLOR FULL? How could something with so much life and dreams get trapped in such a battle of beauty and beast. A RAINBOW IS BEAUTY TO A CHILD, AND BEAST TO AN ADULT.

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