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Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Self-Want is something that we as humans never have enough of. Many of us survive off Self-Want alone. What do I mean?? Having Self-Want is what gives humans the drive willing themselves to the next level, Obstacles will come in front of you. How will you overcome such tragedies? How do you plan to conquer your SELF before you conquer the world? Self-Want can have two effects on you. In this world of FREE choice, the power is already yours! How will you use it for yourself? Determination is often left in shambles, broken in so many ways. Will you give up? When everyone starts laughing and pointing fingers and saying, "you cannot be better than what you once were." In this life we all will experience such things. Reality is such a harsh thing at times. This is where your SELF-WANT will take you to the next level of life, opening the next door for yourself along with a new obstacle. Endurance is the next thing for you are now tired of it all. Your hair has changed colors, turning grey may seem unreal. Am I STRESSING this much? Who is this person? What do I have to show for myself? How am I making it like this? These are the things that I actually said to myself. When I took some time off to just breath, I noticed that I feel stationary! I re-sharpened myself. Endurance will sometime give out SELF- WANT will push you to the next level and a new obstacle. Solutions sometimes seem scary. Solutions are a way to solve a disagreement no matter the size or nature. How can a SOLUTION and SELF-WANT assure your soundness of your mind? Mentally you have already made a SOLUTION. Now how do you plan on making it a reality? SELF-WANT. Another day in the working world of men and women, same thing just a different person on this up and down spiral of what we call climbing. You are drawing your own ladder of success. Admitting feeling stationary is ok, next is the real challenge applying your SELF-WANT. Now you have everyone's attention, criticism, hate, envy, jealously, sadness, happiness, lust, insecurities, and pain. What did you read for yourself? Did you notice in that sentence you worried about what everyone else said.! Apply your SELF-WANT for the most unimportant person YOURSELF!!!!! Hello unimportant you forgot your own attention. Giving yourself attention is important. Get over what happened to you at your own time. Move forward now you are back to yourself. TUH not yet. Let me ask you, 1.Do you still find yourself regretting your past? 2.Do you find yourself looking backwards? 3.Do you fight over your past? 4.Are you still angry? 5.Do you still cry over your past pain? 6.Do you get timid when the other person walks in the room? 7.Do you look over your shoulder because you cannot be at easy? That's ok you have made it to the next level. "SEPERATION." SELF-WANT has now separated you from everything and everyone. Now your past and future are standing in front of you. The choice is FREE the choice is yours. SELF-WANT has now abstractly showed up. Honestly answer these questions where are you located? TIME something, we cannot ever get back twice so value it while you have it for, we are like a light switch on earth for a while then off earth for a while. Alive is objective LIVING is your mortality. SELF-WANT you ready? You just made it over a major OBSTACLE. YOU MADE IT OVER YOUR OWN SELF BLOCKING NOISE INTERNAL DAMAGE!!!!!! You're reading this so physically you are FREE mentally you're in jail. SELF-WANT how will you break free from what's holding you back, from accomplishing all of your dreams and goals? In year 2022 global shutdowns, families, jobs, gas prices, now look at YOU. SELF-WANT, you opened the next door along with a new obstacle. Up the ladder you still climb. SELF-WANT you ready? Determination, Endurance, Solutions, Self-Blocking, Internal Noise, Memories, Time. Now your only mid-way. Time you look up your SELF WANT is changing into reality. Where have you found yourself? SELF-WANT is now blooming into ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Don't get WEAK you have worked so hard keep going. You are on your last step of SELF-WANT. SELF-WANT is MAGNIFICENT something no one else can ever be your SELF-WANT is SELF-WILLED, SELF-SATIFYING, SELF-ACHEIVIED, SELF-HEAL, SELF-CARE, SELF-ATTENTION, SELF-ESTEEM. Did you hear what you just read? SELF-WANT is INFINIT SELF-WANT looks MAGNIFICENT on you.

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