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Single Parents

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

To all my single parents no matter male/female

it’s important that you know you are special. Your parenting may have some misfires hey it’s ok. Parenting is not an easy task, the older women would say, “it takes a village to raise a child.” Now that I have my own I truly understand that saying. Asking for help from another parent do not make you less of a parent. Never feel ashamed for speaking up on anything that will make you a better parent. Gaining new ways to correct or teach your child or children is evidence that you are a EXTRAORDINARY Parent. As a man you are head and leader of your family .As a woman you have now taken the responsibility of both roles, which is very hard, now you hug and discipline. As a single parent who’s a woman trust me I understand fully. Being balanced is key in having success in parenting Firm and Kind. Not to hard and not to soft. Learn from your past mistakes, and never repeat a bad habit or broken cycle of unloving parenting! Keep your focus cry it’s ok . Tears will clean your insides making you even more happy for you have made better parenting Decisions. Father’s it’s ok now you have to comb hair. Enjoy learning something new this will keep you young and being gentle is not so bad after all right.

Encourage each other as single parents you never know when the next person is getting weak. Always ask are you ok??? this sentence may save a life. use all outlets 211 is available always talk express your self. You are a single parent. your support May not be there that’s ok. When you finish reading this you will know what? As a single parent I can accept my own reality because I already know my reality. Support can be more than a lover. support can be from your kids smiling or reading, biking, walking, and swimming. Support can be a hobby. Never feel down over your situation life is a pathway full of open opportunities. Stay strong and focused. Give your self ATTENTION. SELF ATTENTION is vital never neglect Self. When you are a single parent you must always support you ,then your child or children. Always hold your head high, you are Magnificent.

Thinking of hosting a single parent brunch everyone comment below

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