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Living in New Orleans Louisiana TAXES seem like a real small word. Wrong here in New Orleans Louisiana its "TAXATION WITHOUT REPERSENTATION " from the legal system on down individuals of all offices always seem to figure out how to put extra taxes on everything. The city here is below sea level already so streets will never remain fixed here because the water levels vary from high to low tide. Oak trees are dominate here in my city and it cause all kind of plumbing problems for homeowners. Pine trees' roots go deep and break never to bend. S&W board for Orleans Parish pay their water bill every month and Jefferson Parish pay every three months. Entergy is charging all of Louisiana and more over the tax rate of 23% to pay for their lawyers for not having the power source secured for Hurricane Ida. Land Lords want Section 8 recipients but never fix anything. Homes are placed in the ghetto and the attitude is either this is my house, I am renting it to you only so keep it up. I am going to come and go how I please in it, or You have OCD, and live in a roach infested house haha but make sure I get my rent on the first, or you and your family out of there. Trying to overcome covid-19 a new variant keeps coming. I'm going to let my daughter march in a damn Parade lord have mercy somebody slap me! Orleans Parish rent is 1300-5500 and the areas considered historical is now duck for bullets every two seconds. Movies pay extra taxes as well. This life is full of diverse thief's robbing Peter to pay Paul. Children and the Elderly still ignored, and teenagers are now leading the new wave of life amongst adult hood because facing reality now is a crime of passion. The good chocked out; pressure! Resort to self infliction of suicide. Life insurance still available everybody want to have shoes, socks, and so much more for acceptance. That box see one thing nothing! Egyptians burry their wealth with them, yet, you're digging it up saying, "this is king tut!" So, when I die I will burry my wealth with me tell me what you found? Will it be my laptop, my wig still layed, my cell phone, my watch, a pair of shoes, my book I Can Read dug up at 4,000 years old. Omg the author signed it to wow!!!! Include it in City Park Museum so my grand children, grand children, grandchildren, will know where they come from Myself about that time Taxes will have then realized the biggest scheme in the world is not having a hustle! A clear mind is a full body an empty heart is a pure thought of selflessness meaning of what? I or you are simply paying for comfort and convince. Complain over living how I desire no I will not! Taxes will fall into the hands of the greatest human of all COMMUNISIOM that's equality even taxes will not interfere with that. Many find that word offensive all my hard work well what's your contributions? As life excels many other things dwell away. electric cars hybrid cars are now on the rise complaining about a light bill sheed imagine what's getting ready to take place? How many gas stations will close if made mandatory how many families will go hungry how many that's population control. How far can you get off lights when no power source available? what airplane, what train? I am not getting on or in that !!!! that's where your and my tax dollars go! Controlled Variables and Fixed experiments living in fear. Shocking to the living in the moment. Who cares to the conscience, why bother we doomed to ignorance. Myself Its 2023 the Y2K didn't last neither did the plagues before my time of the global pandemic you and I survived. Life, History will only change if we change it. What have you done that have not, or that has not ever been accomplished? Do it then you have c

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