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Gut Buster

How to eliminate waste without stripping the body. Gut Buster Hot water with lemon and ginger.


Good morning / rising as each one is a happy one. Did you know after a long 8 hours of sleep you go to the restroom to urinate and after breakfast you have a bowel movement. Did you eat a heavy dinner, and you want to skip breakfast?

This will change the way you think about going to the restroom and skipping meals not to feel sluggish.

Tip #1 - Hot Water

Tip #2 - Explain more drink hot water

Tip #2 - Hot Water

Tip #2 - Hot Water t say this countless of times. Drinking hot water and not smoking a cigarette has a new meaning. Now as a non smoker I drink hot water in the morning and it gives me a great bowel movement. After a heavy dinner you can feel sluggish in the morning; drinking hot water will send you right to the restroom. What a great way to start the day with toxicants leaving the body early in the morning.

"A cup of Hot Water A Day Keep the Colon Doctor Away." –Symone Smith

Tip # - Hot Water

I love drinking Hot water. I add in Lemon and ginger to give my gut and extra flush.

Tip #4 - Hot Water/ Hot Tea

Tip #4 - Hot Water/ Hot Tea Magnificent Q&A on Facebook to ask any questions and I will answer.

Tip #5 - Hot Water


Lastly, drinking hot water, hot tea, and hot lemon water with ginger has helped me in losing weight I am down 30 pounds I have 45 more left to go.

Don’t Forget to Add a Closing Statement

For more information on what to drink not to drink and what to eat in losing weight and not smoking visit these links below and check out the shop section on the site.

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