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When will you feel acceptance? How does acceptance effect your brain? Why is acceptance needed?


Acceptance is one of the hardest things that humans have to mentally process. How can I say such a statement? I am a 34-year-old woman who is a single mother; many people who meet me have a hard time accepting themselves afterwards. This sentence may seem cocky and boastful. In reality it's not. Wanting a better life for yourself, working hard, staying up late is all a part of making changes for the better. What people have to accept is someone will always come along who will discover a way to do it faster or better than you did before. Records are broken because someone did not accept, they were not good enough. Acceptance can also have a different impact. Some people cannot accept your progress without them. Acceptance can also block growth mentally when looking from it from others.

Below I will go in further details about the different kinds of acceptance that humans experience.

Accepting Yourself

Accept you for you or no one else will. You do not have to force yourself on anyone. Creative or Colorful be so there is no need to want someone to accept your style remember, this is what make you a unique individual. The first step of accepting anything is what you accept about yourself. When someone tries to disturb you, they are non-accepting of the flaws in themselves.


Acceptance - the action or process of being received as adequate or suitable, typically to be admitted into a group.

" Self-Acceptance is freedom." – Gerald May

Mental Acceptance

Worrying about what someone else is thinking will keep you in last place. Now you are not focusing on yourself. Never put someone else's thought before yours.


Acceptance in the LGBTQ community this word should be an understatement. In 2023 all are equally accepted. Now everyone is allowed to be married, adopt, vote, and have jobs of all types. Wanting acceptance when you are already accepted by all is now making excuses for a different behavior pattern.


Learn when to leave. This is by far the hardest thing I have seen in all humans. You have to accept when a person wants nothing to do with you. When you lose that relationship, you are not allowed to spy on the person. Once you lose access to someone it's over accept that they have moved on!

Accept that you are good enough!

I learned that being creative is amazing. Although many people will never understand me it's not my job for them to either. I have "ONLY " one job only keep up with myself and no one else. The Sun shines alone and the moon does too. Never exchange yourself for others to want to accept you in their presence. When in doubt or lonely do nothing. Accept not doing anything until you are sure of yourself.

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