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Cinnamon Capsules with vitamin B12

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Product Review: The Latest in weight loss

weight loss cinnamon capsules with vitamin B12

I no longer smoke cigarettes! I know, I say this over and over. I gained 45 pounds and losing this weight I had to shift gears. Lately it's not only about what I eat and cutting carbs. I noticed that my body sometimes gets hungry throughout the day. My stomach has a eat pattern on its own. What did I discover, I have started using cinnamon capsules with vitamin B12 to boost my metabolism to burn some calories.

Cinnamon, B12, D3, and Zinc did you take your vitamins today?
Did you take your vitamins today?

I am going to the doctor Monday to get my weight taken. This way I will know for sure if me taking these two capsules are actually working. My current measurements are 46bust, 37waist, 56hips. I am trying to get my waist at a 30-inch waistline for a 10. This has been a serious challenge for me. I will find out Monday how to increase my metabolism to that max for these seven inches to melt away.

Where I brought the product from

As I return to working out, I have to do modified workouts since my injury. I am having a harder time than ever losing weight. I went to my local Walmart and purchased some Cinnamon capsules and vitamin B12. I am excited to find out with proper excises and diet how this dynamic duo will work for me in losing 45 pounds.

How have this duo worked for me!

This has so far increased my weight lost. I have now used the product for one full month and noticed results. I am going to get measured to know if I lost inches off my waistline. Include personal anecdotes of how the product helped you. When, where and how did you use the product? The more personal you are, the more relatable and trustworthy you'll be. If you had others test the product, share this with your reader.

People might not be aware of all the ways a product might help them out. So be sure to highlight these in your post. You may mention ways they hadn't even thought of!

Wake Up 4-6am



Dinner 8pm bedtime

4 Capsules of Cinnamon 2 B12 Capsules / Gummies


Tea use from link above

Tea use from link above

How much water/fluids

1/2 gallon water 1 gallon water

1 bottle 2 bottles

1/2 water bottle 1/2 teacup hot slim pm 1 water bottle 1 teacup hot slim pm

walk, skip, run , hop, bike, skate, basketball, baseball, swim

15 minutes 30 minutes 45 minutes 1 hour

250 calories 600 calories 1200 calories 1750 calories

250 calories 350 calories 650 calories 1050 calories

Pros and Cons

The pros are I have lost weight, and I noticed my metabolism increased immediately my blood begin to circulate faster. My fat percentage which is different from my BMI did differ. I have more energy. My skin looks great my hair is health as well. My water intake has improved.

My bowl movements are non-stiff, no stool softer needed.

Cons are my stomach growls a lot in public. I have to remember not to want to eat because my stomach growls. I had to learn that my metabolism is increasing instead of eating drink water, workout, or do something I like outdoors. Hot flashes from increased metabolism, and my lips are dry.

The Fat Calculators


Body Fat Calculators are for information purposes only in comparing modified workout routines and Training Routines. You will see the different requirements and body expectancy rates on the surgical calculator reaching body goals.

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