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Titles / Reality / Idealism

It's 2023 I noticed that people are looking into titles as validation for self. A title is only an introduction to you are for formalities. Many people have taken titles too far! What would you do? A question that have so many different meanings in life. Allowing a title to dictate your attitude means you associate your self as only a name and not an individual. I kept my name unknown for years and now since I made a job change I noticed a difference with titles. I have an associate's degree as I continue for my bachelor's degree I see that titles are no different in education. Life is only about a title ? You are not born with a title you are given a title or married in a title. People should always reconnect to reality of self absorbtion to keep balance. Positive and Negative attention to come along when titles are given. I have been called monkey, I have been called beautiful, both only just a title . Actions too a Reaction a common misunderstanding, when taking a step back you will notice your own mental perception of your self will lift you or drop you. Never connect to anything or anyone that is not yours. Binding your self to anyone who's not your husband or wife is a life time of self comparison and you will lose your identity trying to be like someone else . Titles are only validate over this one sentence" you make them."


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