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United States of America/Over extending

United Stats of America/ Over extending it's self

As an United States of America Citizen I sometimes wonder why does my country run to aide others when we are going through our own crisis? As the country is now stated "February 2024, the United States of America is officially 247 years old, but the human history of the nation’s land predates the country’s formation by tens of thousands of years."

 As the United States of the America great reputation of being overly involved in others warfare have come to the fore front! Citizens steadily sign up for the fight to the death in holding a triangular flag and multiple decorative badges. Yet what happens when we are in need of supplies?

Ukraine, Israel, Palestine, Vietnam and Russia these are all countries outside of the United States of America that we as a country have aided in helping or battling against in losing thousands of American soldiers. This country still has yet learned that running to outside aide only brings the country down! When Russia the capital invaded Ukraine over land and ground that's for their country why are we there? What did that do for us when the boarder is being breached and trampled!

Who is protecting the United States? Who is protecting in aiding in allies to our country to keep our citizens safe? Going against a capital for a city when we are a country was a bad move! Yet we are looking with-in for border patrol protection!

What outreach did that get the United States of America? Mexico's President has yet to get a meeting in saying what contributions will go towards the wall of stability! Millions of people are risking themselves for a better life in their eyes to only sit under bridges and wait for work! They are coming into the country and doing the same thing that they were once doing!

The Untied States of America need to protect it's own for a while and let other nations capital's make their own political decisions! Let the American Dream Never go wasted for all deserve to live in harmony with what many died for FINACIAL FREEDOM!

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