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Wild Fires

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Wild Wild Fire in the Wixie Wixie West

West Coast Wild Fires what is going on?

It's dry season in the West Coast and any other area of mountainous regions! What can prevent a wild fire? As we all know this is a Natural Disaster sometimes for cleansing the area yes, it's true wild life will regrow twice as beautiful after the dirt heals. Lets keep reading shall we.

wild fires are hard to contain when you see something say something and call 911!

Wild Fire Causes

In the dry season how can these target areas become contained and minimal? Watering these areas will reduce the wild fires. Keeping the ground saturated enough not to spectacular combust is a dire need of being enforced. Why, when watering the area this will keep the ground hydrated and whomever occasionally forgets the wild life camp rules of putting the fire out after you leave!

These things tend to happen a lot, S&W should have a plan with wild life rangers and National Parks on how to prep for the dry seasons; keep an close eye on the campers people will forget to put the fire out!

In certain parts of the world homeless is more than others, and some people are sleeping in nature forgetting that wild life is not different then the city once one burns all will burn. More Rangers need to walk through the wild life in keeping the areas secure please go in groups never alone! Having these plans in action will keep many safe from harm and fires to a minimum. When entering there should be cameras for safety pre-cautions.

Wild Fires

Response time is also important in containing a wild fire. Just like traffic chopper keep up with vechicals there should also have a wild life chopper to water the area. This should happen once a week doing the peak times of an heat index. Keeping the ground and the trees watered

will reduce the spread of wild fires. Having more Rangers will keep the wild life safe for humans and animals too.

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