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When being a virgin was cool, holding on to your innocents, not rushing to give in. Peer pressure in wanting to fit in (Virginity)


Parenting! Being a parent is a big responsibility; I am responsible for maintaining my livelihood and my children all at the same time. As my children grow into adults, I remember all of the things in my childhood that I did not want to have involved in theirs.

"The best thing about being a parent is to watch your child or children grow." -Symone Smith

No parent is ready for their child or children to come home and tell them how they lost their innocence undesired.

Self- Defence

A young girl was 13, one year younger than my daughter in Europe, and she was brutialy beaten. Before she was beaten she was sexually assulted; TEENAGERS please stop going places alone!


No matter your age you will forever be loved by your family. To them you are innocent no matter the bruiltal circumstances that you have faced in this harsh world of strangers. Always follow up with your safety being first! After experincing an assult it's best to learn immediate self defense, and relocate for your own family saftey. Losing a fight is ok! Get up and brush yourself off and put on your best clothes and take your best pictures and smile! Never live in the past, never live in regret, no I wish I could have, or should have. Crying cleans your self-esteem! Always tell your parents what happened to you for you are brave.

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