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Store Policy


Customer Care

no returns or exchanges all sales are final 

Privacy & Safety

To protect yourself please do not share any information and delete all information after purchasing. Magnificent LLC will not ask you for any personal information other than your shipping address and payment for your item of choice. Always remain alert of scammers and pay attention to spellings. Thank you for shopping with Magnificent LLC

Wholesale Inquiries

 As Magnificent LLC continues to grow and thrive, you will also have an opportunity to have you very own chance to success in your dream business.  with a great risk you will take in believing in your dreams and start your very own retail business for your self becoming an entrepreneur with the wholesale opportunity is the best thing that you can do working for yourself you will gain finical freedom, stability, and time management skills. wholesale opportunity should not be confused with a quick out come of high rate take off.  Remember slow and steady will win the race in Retail business you must always prepare for financial hardships seasonal disasters personal time and the most hated unknown events. Purchasing on a whole sale price require planning and budgeting to keep all products from collecting dust make sure your business have a following of more than 100 people who are actively participating the goal in wholesale is to make money not lose money. All sales are final make sure your customer have correct sizes and always check size chart to make accurate purchases. Always have your customer to take their measurements to guarantee size accuracy. 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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