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About Us


founded 2007 legalize June 21, 2021

Magnificent LLC is here to assist  you the client in growth, development,  production, improving your skills, and building you up to being a better version of yourself. Magnificent LLC offers a guarantee boost in sales, performance, production and hippa in a confidentiality between magnificent and client, that no one else will be able to violate your privacy as a client, and that what happens between me and you will not ever leak out. Magnificent offers a complete one on one strictly giving you the client security that your personal information will never leak out. Magnificent LLC also will charge you triple ONLY when you the client lash out on magnificent LLC. Magnificent is a business not a mad day show for entertainment.

Company Description

Magnificent LLC provides marketing essentials, business coaching, indirect and direct marketing ideal marketing. Magnificent LLC provides you with the ability to harness on your skills improving your skills elegantly, exciting, fresh with originality that everyone will compliment you by wanting to copy. Sincere appreciation something rare in life.

Products and Services

Magnificent provides you with the ideas to make your products better to your consumers and for the

service fee payment is due up front.

Marketing Plan

Indirect or Direct magnificent will go through all proper protocol in utilizing all marketing skills to make the project successful and time effective working on your project with urgency and efficiency

Operational Plan

List strategies, stipulate performance, allocate responsibility, set timelines, budget, and provide a budget summary

Management and Organization ran by me

Startup Expenses and Capitalization

The startup fee for ideas is 45% when discussing the product with sketches and live demonstrations only VIP members will be able to pay after the project. Documents will be signed via email before project begins.


Financial Plan

A one-time fee of 45% only for the production ideas once the project is completed only VIP members will be allowed to pay after everyone else is due upfront.  example one project pay out 150,00$ 45% is 67,500 1,500,000 45% 675,000 

For arts and dancing 45% due up front and on each project that I have been apart of payment to magnificent LLC is required as it airs each time giving credit to magnificent for the creative dance moves



Will be actual results in before you begin with magnificent LLC and after you have worked with magnificent LLC in tracking your progress I will use your legitimate results in a table graph showing how magnificent LLC work hard to deliver the best and accurate results and how magnificent LLC has improved your skills, sales, ratings, quality products and time management.

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