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Beauty and Bathing

In the Beauty 2024 it is important to know how to recover after cleaning up and washing dishes! I mean do you want to have those wash dishes hands. Omg, no right, keep mind we all use the utility glove look to wash dishes. Yet what if you are more hands on and have no choice but to get a little rough when you are washing?

That's ok ladies and gentlemen, I have the key to keeping your hands in the best shape ever. I bath in lemons, cucumber water and oatmeal. My after I get out the tub, I use a raw lemon and I rub it all over my body and my skin looks back great again. I also rub alveolar plants all over my skin as well. I love a great beauty tip. Using lemons really help keep the skin rejuvenated and hydrated. Rubbing the lemon in between your thighs for my thicker ladies will help prevent black heads as well. This is good especially in the Spring and Summer months.

I also use lemons for clearing up my skin when the pollen is

at it's highest as well. Lemons have a great lasting effect of keeping the skin youthful when your sweating. The only thing I do not like with them lemon face scrub is when your eyes start to slightly burn a little bit.

Then everything becomes uncomfortable. I really enjoy the natural lemon scrub for the whole body. I keep an all-day shimmer and glow to my skin! My new skin cram will finally hit stores I am excited about my brand knowing that skin cream has an NDA no one can remake it which makes it even better!

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