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Wall OF Stability

Protecting both countries from self-inflictions boarder protection

After six years of back and forth the decision has finally becomes an upfront decision. President Donald J. Trump stated years ago to build a wall to protect both countries citizens. This new found pathway will keep all citizens secure and safe in traveling. Having the wall built will give the people of Mexico a reality check they will have to actually use the proper passage.

Detaining illegal immigrants and housing them was not improper. They already left their families behind and risked their life. This would show them all the importance of not leaving your family behind and maintain the proper identification. This is to help you have an equal opportunity to have a job and secure place to live. When using the proper passage this will keep both the Border Patrol and immigrants safe from physical harm.

Having the Wall Built

How will this wall become built to keep out uncertainties? The People have all thought long and hard on the decision of safety. Gathering all states that are of Red States in all coming together in aiding in protecting all. This means each state should put together and instead of everyone paying taxes let the taxes that is normally charged build the wall. Giving the citizens a rare opportunity to feel appreciated for protecting their country. Allowing the citizens to all equally receive a tax break and the government will also elevate debt for the taxes will balance out instead of creating higher tax rates and hurting the citizens of America.

Working Together in Building the Wall

Mexico should also receive an invitation in building the wall to protect it's' own citizens as well. This will give the United States of America a different perception to other countries. This is the best extension in showing that not only did we detain and house with proper humanity we extended the same hand in creating stability and order for the citizens of Mexico in keeping their safety first. This will improve the countries reputation in gaining more than a tyrant look or just aiding as an ally for war and rescue.


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